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Blue, Ivory and Gold

...where I say, and I think, and I rant...

12/26/05 11:46 pm - La-di-dah

I'm going to be a spinster, I can just *feel* it. Pretty depressing thought, really, but what else can I do but throw myself on someone? Although, I don't think I'll attempt that maneouvre before I'm 40.

In any case, I feel like I have a committment problem, (not really a problem at the moment, per se, but eventually there'll be that guy who's crushed under me,) but anyways... Doing things together? For him? Ahh! Can't even imagine, creeps me out for some odd, inexplicable reason. I would blame it on my abused childhood, except I don't recall having one.

But maybe it's all to do with not meeting the right guy. (And I still don't know how to get that 'Weirdos, come hither' sign on my forhead off.)

I won't jinx my chances by hoping for anything in the new year.


Finally got to see some movies. I still say $15 is a rip-off though.

Pride & Prejudice - Hilarious. Keira Knightley's mouth bugged me sometimes, but it's KK, so I'll forgive her. Matthew McFayden? Actually seemed to like Lizzy in this version, and not bad looking. Excellent casting (Re Wickham: Either get Orlando Bloom or don't, but stop with the doppelganger that acts just as wooden.) Crap directing though. And what's with Jane's hair/eyebrow mismatch? Can't wait til the DVD comes out.

Narnia - *This* is what everyone's going on about? What utter crap! I was highly amused by Peter's constant sword-holding-without-actually-doing-anything gig. Also, Thomas and Lucy's relationship? There's just something so wrong about a little girl alone with a naked half-man.

And 3 TV movies, (TV3's so kicking TV2's ass!)

Mouling Rouge - Meh. That's all, I don't care enough to write an actual sentence.

Sense & Sensibility - A lot better than I thought it would be. There's so many famous faces! I felt really proud at correctly recognising Hugh Laurie because of his mouth. Mwhahaha!

The Shawshank Redemption: Pretty good ending, the rest wasn't as great as everyone made it out to be. And on Angel, with the (Holland): "You don't kill humans" (Angel): "You don't qualify" scene, that was totally ripped off this movie!


What's orange and sounds like parrot?

11/7/05 12:11 pm - Westlife, I have not forsaken you...!

Oh my fricking God! Mark is gay!? I always thought if anyone is going to turn out to be gay in Westlife, it'd be Shane or Kian, but... Wow.

...And Shane's a dad.

But in other news, the news I was actually searching for... New Album!! Face to Face.

Can't wait, I don't know what possessed them to cover Frank Sinatra, but frankly (Hey, new record for lameness!) anything pop they do has to be at least listenable.

10/18/05 05:46 pm

Crap. I just undid my entire post. Let's see how great my memory is.


Four people wants to add me to their messenger list. I think I know two of them, the other two I wait with abated breath for their identity to be revealed.


My worst exams are over! I think I did OK, (which means I probably failed.) But whatever, I can concentrate on sleeping now.


I'm planning on getting contacts. I can wear sunglasses! And if all goes according to plan, (not likely, it involves the words 'good' and 'grades' next to each other,) I'll get my parents to pay for it. Well, they're not feeding or sheltering me, I should get something in return, right?


Ipod Video just came out. I really want one. But then I think, it's Apple, Apple has issues with formats and legality. I'm still leaning towards the iRiver H340. Ugly as it is, it's everything I need. Video, 40GB, no restraints.

9/9/05 02:57 pm - Star Trekking

It was such a long, long time ago that I wrote my last entry. And even so, nothing much's changed.

Well, I *am* addicted to watching old TV shows on DVD now--Buffy (!!), Star Trek TOS (William Shatner is actually very charming in a I-want-to-throttle-you-while-I-sleep-with-you kinda way; Finally found out who Leonard Nimoy is--Mr. Spock; And finally, that must be the worst uniform in existence.) Watching Angel (Found out that it's not Angel I hate, but really Buffy's influence on Angel.) And also seen some episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, (I have to admit, it's a little hard to keep from laughing when the captain sounds like a chipmunk on helium.)


Anyway, trimester break is over, and it seems like every paper's crammed all their tests, assignments et al in the few weeks we have left. I had an INFO MS Access test on the first day back, a presentation on MGMT a week later, (nobody dropped dead, so that's good,) a bi-weekly assignment, a Law assignment next Monday, and also the presentation write-up, and a different law test on tuesday, (eek! This one counts!) But after that it's not so bad, (Angel, here I come, baby!)

Plus, I have a 2 week holiday between the 3rd and 4th exam.


Social life still zero.

And how come I'm not developing crushes? I spent 5 years in an all-girl school, why isn't my hormones isn't overactive?
On that thought, do I have some weird magnetic ability to attract/be attracted to creepy asian guys? Where do all the cool, cute, rich guys live? Somebody needs to give me a directory.

6/5/05 12:44 am - Lalalalaah...

I can never just be, can I? I've always got to find something to be addicted to. Right now it's download full music albums, (I figured my internet connection wasn't slow enough.)

Which leads me to really, really want a mp3 player that's bigger than my harddrive =p. Definitely won't get iPod since they don't support .wma and has no radio. But whatever, it's not like I have the money anyway.


Only one exam left! How excited am I?!

...Trying not to screw this up. I tend to celebrate before the deed is done.

Just a reminder that I'm not the only one who write inane things...

The Opposition Committe members oppose this recommendation. - Law

If you have money, you can demand, if you do not, then all you can do is want. - marketing


What a strange world this is when Econ doesn't require maths (in fact, calculators are forbidden,) and marketing does.


Freakonomics - Steven D Levitt: This is one of the best books I've read this year. Incredibly entertaining, but also thought-provoking, plus, it's got some crazy data and case scenarios. Oh yeah, it also has something to do with economics. (Wish I'd found this book before I wrote my essay.)

How to Marry a Marquis
The Vicount who Loved Me
by Julia Quinn: Never have I laughed so many times out loud than by HTMAM. Both books are fluffy, sure, but they're also extremely well written and hilarious.

The Rasmus - Dead Letters: Love. It. So freakishly catchy.

ABBA - Gold: Because we all need a little cheese every now and then.

5/27/05 06:43 pm

Realization dawned upon me just now. TV3 has a better line-up than TV2. That’s never happened before.

Battlestar Galactica
House, MD
America’s Next Top Model
Campbell Live
The Simpsons


TV2’s losing their touch, (or their budget.)

On the other hand, TV2’s Cash Battle is going to show my Law lecturer (Grant Morris)! Very excited, can’t wait to see what kind of hijinks he gets up to.


Got my Meningococcal B shot on Tuesday, (feels like I’ve been punched,) and that’s been my excuse for laziness ever since. In my defence, the textbooks weigh at least 3kg, and in my weakened state…


Probably will go back to Auckland for my 4 week holiday (woo!) I’ve told my landlord I’m moving out anyway, got to contact the parentals sometime.

5/23/05 12:47 pm - Same old, same old

Exam season is once again commencing. (And my brain is empty, as always.) *sigh* Some things never change.


I am so addicted to Buffy. Still don't see the attraction in Angel though. He's quite like Vaugh (Alias), pretty to look at, but only one facial expression. Continuing the parallel, Spike is rather similar to Sark, except Sark has a hot British accent and his blondness is natural.
Keep on seeing familiar faces - the dad from 8 Rules...; Doyle from Gilmore Girls. It's so weird and I keep having to remind myself that Buffy started almost 10 years ago. Ah... How time flies, I still remember TV Hits with all the posters and fan-mails.


Got Photoshop CS2! Pretty good timing too since it was only released a week or two ago.
Still haven't figured out what CS stands for, (or XP for that matter - experience? There was a rumour going around the next one will be called eXPedition. e - XP - edition. Get it? Heh, I love stuff that lame.)


Battlestar Galactica S1 finished on Saturday. And I just know S2 isn't going to be on til next year, which means I may have to resort to alternative methods of getting my fix. *ahem* Slingshot is probably rueing the day they signed me up.


Just a few snippets from my textbooks that are too good to pass up:

"In the courts, Justices are normally required to sit in pairs, but a Justice sitting alone can exercise some of their more limited powers."

"In our view the argument that there should be fewer MPs than 120 is silly."

 "The rule is quite simple, if you agree with the other bloke you say it is part of the ratio (the reason for the decision); if you don't, you say it is part of the orbiter (statements/observations about the law in a case) with the implication that he is a congenital idiot."

5/12/05 09:40 pm - Hear me

TradeMe is addictive. Until you realize that’s real money you’re playing with. Then you think, shit, what the hell am I going to eat next week?




I don’t know if I should be listening to all these depressing songs. (Fields of Gold—Eva Cassidy; Stop—Jamelia; How Did I Fall in Love With You?—Backstreet Boys; Someone Like Me—Atomic Kitten; And a whole bunch of violin stuff.) It’s not that I’m depressed or something, but they’re so damn catchy that it’s hard to stop pressing play when one song’s finished. And btw, tka, if you’re reading this, stop being so depressed in your blog entries. You’re dragging me down with you, damn it!


I have this fear that I’ll be 90 and still not have kissed (or done anything else, *ahem* with) anybody. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. On the one hand, I can’t imagine ever going out with someone ugly, only speaks mandarin (Vic doesn’t have any hot Chinese guy who speaks good English apparently. Major bummer.) or just rubs me the wrong way. I feel like I’m North and everyone else is South. (Edit: Five minutes later I just remembered that would be the state I’m aiming for. No wonder I got such crap marks.) I feel like everyone already knows heaps of other people and there’s just no room for me. (And once again, tka, I blame this train of thought completely on you.)


You know, I don’t think I ever want to live in Auckland again. It’s rained about twice since I’ve been down here, (on some days, the sun still shines, gosh!) It’s not actually very windy in the CBD, (you only hear about the wind because parliament, court, train station and law/commerce school are based in the windy section and they’re whinny bastards.) Everything’s within walking distance. And it’s flat. What more do you want?




Buffy (Season 2) – Being the idiot that I am, I saw ‘Disk One’ and completely forgot to check what season it was. Quite a lot of surprises for me. One) It’s hilarious. Two) The acting’s awful. Three) Who told Spike to get a Scottish accent? British is sexy; Scottish is Sean Connery, (especially with a disturbingly porny SC and the Queen fanfic in Salient…)


House, MD – Hilarious. I recognized Jesse Spencer! (From Neighbours.) I usually can’t recognize anyone, or else I think everyone looks like someone else.


Bon Jovi – Wow. I used to think they were like the Rolling Stones and just shouted a lot, (I should probably listen to some RS CDs before making that judgment.) Fantastically catchy tunes. And I finally figured out Bon Jovi is not the same entity as Bjork. You learn something new everyday.



Wordcount: 454 (it’s exactly like writing essays, the wordcount just doesn’t seem to increase…)


5/6/05 05:43 pm - All about Uni

Something to think about: Law and Economics… The ultimate odd couple? Not a very popular (but damn hilarious) concept used to decide say… adoption. Hmm… The opportunity cost for putting up your child instead of keeping it is… Heh.

* * *

Economics... Talking about the importance of imports…

[Lecturer]: For a country like America, that’s probably not such a big problem. But why would the US import our lamb? Is it because ours taste better? Because of all the grass they eat? No, it’s because we are good at it, that’s our comparative advantage, just like America’s better at producing other things, say… Steel—No, they import our steel too. Hmm… What are they good at producing?

[Student says something indistinct]

[Lecturer]: Nuclear weapons! [Chuckles] That’s a good one!

* * *

Profiles of Lecturers and Tutors. (Boredom strikes again!)

//Economics 130//
[Lecturer:] Ah… And… So… Has a real gift for drawing out words. Not bad to look at from ten rows back, but a bit teethy once you’re up front. Apparently we’re a week behind everyone else, otherwise pretty good.
[Tutor:] I can’t imagine anyone in our group not wanting to snap his neck. Condescending, patronizing jerk. Not to mention his pathetic mini mullet. Have to say though, knows his stuff.

//FCOM (NZ business environment) 110//
[Lecturers:] Is it because they have to split the budget seven ways? Range from the guy whose microphone hates him, to the mildly better, but entirely too motivated IT guy.
[Tutor:] Pretty cool, in fact, this is definitely my favourite tutorial. I suspect he’s high on… something, or else he just needs to get some sleep.

//Marketing 101//
[Lecturer:] A friend says he’s getting fatter every lesson… O…Kay. Pretty relaxed, lately it seems like I’m watching ‘World’s Funniest Ads’ instead of going to class. Plus, he gave out a condom to the guy who answered his question in FCOM.
[Tutor:] Always good when you’ve got a real marketer talking about marketing. Ends all his sentences with ‘Eh.’

//Law 121//
[Lecturer:] Very, very funny. Not to mention a good lecturer too. I’m positive the friend mentioned above has a crush on him, (despite his receding hairline,) not that that’s surprising. Awesome.
[Tutor:] Knows her stuff, pretty well organized.

3/26/05 09:11 am

Last night was... interesting. Apparently we have a possible pervert in our midst. One who climbs on the washing machine in order to look in the shower, which makes me think: a bit too obvious? (And desperate?)

I'm never going to take a shower when someone else isn't home again, I'm not that much of a thrill seeker. Though if she hadn't mentioned it, (at two in the morning, BTW. Very bad time to someone news like this, I happened to like sleeping, thanks.) I probably would never have noticed.

* * *

Battlestar Galactica - TV3.Sat.7:30 - I can't believe I initially watched the miniseries because of a banner on televisionwithoutpity.com. I figured that if it's TWoP was advertising it, it's got to be good, eh? The logic held up, in this case anyway, and I have something good to watch on TV again.

Gilmore Girls s.5 - TV2.Sun.5:00 - Maybe I shouldn't be reading the spoilers so much, or the writers need to make everyone on that show less annoying. I can't wait until Dean gets axed, (at least the spoilers make him bearable - There is light at the end of the tunnel!)

Horation Hornblower - Rent it, buy it, whatever, just watch it. Hot guys, (Ioan Gruffud: Lancelot - King Arthur; Jamie Bamber: Apollo - Battlestar Galactica.), drama, action, and bad guys who makes you want to tear his face off.

* * *

Internet Download Accelerator
- Easily the best download manager I've used. It's simple, intuitive, and there is a marked difference in the download speed.

Dr. DivX - Apart from the fact that it takes hours to encode, it'll make your movies a fraction of the size. Great for backing up DVDs when your DVD burner refuses to do it.
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